Trigger base on multi json keys values

I’m trying to do something when I get mqtt json (keypad zigbee2mqtt json).
this is the a sample json

{ "action": "disarm", "action_code": "3333", "action_transaction": 65, "action_zone": 23, "battery": 100, "battery_low": false, "contact": true, "last_seen": "2022-12-16T21:53:21+02:00", "linkquality": 135, "occupancy": true, "presence": null, "tamper": true, "temperature": 22, "voltage": 6100}

I want the automation to trigger if
action = disarm and action_code = “3333”
When trying it in template I get True for this

{{value_json.action_code == '3333' and value_josn.action == 'disarm'}}```

and also for this

{% if value_json.action_code == '3333' and value_josn.action == 'disarm' %}
{% else %}
{% endif %}

But when I added it to an automation trigger is doesn’t work

platform: mqtt
topic: zigbee2mqtt/LrKeypad
value_template:  "{{value_json.action_code == '3333' and value_josn.action == 'disarm'}}"


… spelling?

ammm checking …

It didn’t help .
It seems that this kind of trigger will fire on any thing (even when I put my hands over the keypad )
While this trigger correctly fires

platform: mqtt
topic: zigbee2mqtt/LrKeypad
payload: 1111
value_template: "{{ value_json.action_code }}"
enabled: true

But still I want to add another condition (action = disarm) to this and I’m not sure how to do that

Anyone please ?

This is what’s working for me

platform: mqtt
topic: zigbee2mqtt/LrKeypad
payload: true
value_template: "{{value_json.action_code == '1111' and value_json.action == 'disarm'}}"
enabled: true

zvikag, thank you for your code !