Trigger flow every 2nd Sunday

I’m looking for a way to trigger a flow every 2nd Sunday from a specific date and for it to remain in sync over Node-Red reboots, I’ve tried all the usual suspects including “Big Timer” schedule etc, I’ve tried various combinations of switch function and change nodes but can’t get a combination to work, Has anyone managed anything similar and could give some hints


I have a similar requirement with rent payment every other week and needed an reminder announcement via my automation. Initially I tried BigTimer as well but ended up integrating the Google Calender and setting up the necessary events. See

Now node-red is reminding me with the message specified in the event :slight_smile:

There is a cron node. Take a look at this answer, is for shell but same concept applies. You then need to check in the function node that the day is actually Sunday.

yes , a cron node is as well possible of course