Trigger for changes temp in automation

I need a trigger in an automation to push the set-temperature to my aircon.
When i change the temperature from my aircon i need it to send it to my aircon.
I have a script which i use to control my aircon, with a generic thermostat i can control the most. But he don’t push the set temperature to my aircon, so i need to use a trigger.
Now i have:

  - alias: Push set-temp to aircon
      - platform: template
        value_template: "{{ (state_attr('climate.aircon_woonkamer', 'temperature') | float * 10) | round }}"
      - service: script.push_setpoint_to_aircon
        data_template: '{{ trigger.to_state.state }}'

This is my script:

    alias: Setpoint to airco
      - service: shell_command.airco_set_temp

my shell_command.airco_set_temp:

airco_set_temp: 'bash /config/scripts/ set setpoint'

But HA don’t want to accept my automation.
Because he don’t accept ‘{{ trigger.to_state.state }}’ .

Where in this is your new temperature set point supposed to go?

airco_set_temp: 'bash /config/scripts/ set setpoint'

you have at least a couple of problems.

first in your trigger the template has to return true or false. what you have right now will return a number.

then in your service call it doesn’t have any idea what to do with the data_template. A service call that runs a script doesn’t need any other data. it just needs the script entity_id (

so like this:

  - service: script.push_setpoint_to_aircon