Trigger for Viessmann Events

I’m using the Vicare/Viessmann integration. Up to now just for showing informations and status.

As i currently have a problem with the water pressure (it falls within 24h below 1at) i would like to get some kind of information to react early. Now, when i feel the temperature in the room is low i go to check the pressure… refill… and wait.

With the possibility to sensor events one could trigger an automation.

If you have an entity, you can trigger and automation based on the information in it.

There is no entity for events. Not even the @Viessman App has the possibility to send an alert. So i simply like to be informed of an abnormal situation. With an automation i could do that.

Event log within the Vicare app:

Ah, so … this information needs to be in HA for HA to be able to do anything with it, which means it needs to be in their API.

However, you should vote for your own request :wink:

Additionally it would be helpful if the pressure be available under the ViCare Heating entity.

The ViCare app contains these information:

With these data one would be able to write an automation and monitor the system.