Trigger HA to turn on light when playing a Movie


Im trying to get HA to turn on and off some light when playing a Movies.

All is working, but i do not know how to get HA to only trigger this (condition), when playing a movie not TV shows and other media.

EMBY mediaplayer set its “media_content_type” to tvshow and movie


So how to get HA to use this media_content_type - media_content_type is not showing up in the configuration, so i expect to use some other way


  condition: template
  value_template: "{{ is_state_attr('media_player.emby_core5_3', 'media_content_type', 'movie') }}"

I know you know this but to eliminate any potential confusion for OP, value_tempalte should be value_template :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good grief!

Thanks. Fixed.

Perfect - Thanks