Trigger HA Webhook from Amazon Alexa Routine

Hi everyone!
I’m new to HA so please forgive me if my question sounds stupid!
I’ve set up a HA server (with a static local address) and connected my devices to it. I have a couple of Amazon Alexa devices and used their ultrasound sensor to detect room occupancy. Before HA, I used to run actions directly from the Alexa routine (ie. turn on the lamp when someone enters the room, etc), I was thinking of using webhooks to trigger the HA automation from the Alexa routine but I can see that that’s not possible.
I tried using an IFTTT applet, but that’s also not possible as I don’t have global IP address for my HA server and it’s local. I’m assuming that developing an Alexa skill would also not help as the skill is hosted on the cloud so it won’t be able to connect to HA server.
Is there any possible way to do this?
Or is the only possible way to either use HA cloud or get a global IP?

If you have a Nabu Casa account your Home Assistant entities can be exposed to Alexa. This includes scripts, so you can write an Alexa routine to launch a script when movement is detected. If you want to use automations, you can use an input_boolean as a trigger and have the Alexa routine toggle the input_boolean.

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You can get some functionality using the Emulated Hue integration which does not require an external IP or an HA Cloud subscription. It’s been a long time since I used it, so I’m not sure what functional limitations it currently has.

That. Alexa is not local, so it needs a way to access your HA through Internet, same goes for Google Assistant.

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