Trigger IR operation with Xiaomi smart switch (and hub)

I cant seem to automate in the Mi Home app any of my Xiaomi/Aqara smart switches to execute any operation what so ever through the Xiaomi IR controller. The controller works great through Mi Home app and the smart switches control the lights etc. perfectly but I cant seems to pair between the switches and IR controller. Nothing happens.

Oke bear with me here to understand your problem and your setup because the explanation is not that self explanatory.

You want to control your lights and switches with your IR Controller?. I may assume here that these switches and lights are IR aswell?, if not then you never gonna get this working.

Second, if we assume the switches (and whatever is running behind them) are indeed IR controlled. How did you program this, do you got the code?.

Third is there any HA incorporated here?. Else you can better ask this question on the MI forum.

No. Ill explain more: I have IR controller, ( and it controls my Air Conditioner and more IR products. Now, I want to be able to turn the Air conditioner on/off from one smart switch ( but I cant manage to do that. I add an automation through Mi Home app, say “one press to on/off the AC”, and it isnt working. Nothing is happening in the IR controller when I press the smart switch (which works perfectly when I automate something that doesnt relate to the IR controller).

Did I ask a hard question? Also, I`ve searched everywhere for an answer but to no avail. What, no one wants smart switches to operate some IR based device?

Do you have a problem with the automation or the IR remote? That’s not completely clear now.

For the automation with the xiaomi sensor you can scroll down this page

Else you can take a look here if that helps

We are not sure. It is not clear what you want to do. Try pasting here the automation you have already tried that does not work as you expect it to (correctly formatted please).