Trigger List?

I am a new German User sorry for my english.

After installing some addons i will Start with the automation. But i don‘t know which trigger i Can use. For example which trigger i Can use for the Addon or the onkyo addon?
Is there a function which shows all trigger for the „Things“

Sorry to say but no. As far as I know there is no such thing.

My biggest complaint with HA (for all of its other great usefullness) is the kind of poor documentation.

You kind of have to know what you are looking for even exists before you can know to look for it.

The biggest help will be this forum. There is a discussion forum on Discord but I’ve never used it.

It helps us to help you if you ask specific questions on what you are trying to accomplish.

And if you post any code be sure to use the code blocks. I do that by highlighting the code in the post then use the </> above.