Trigger "night mode" in HA with Alexa

hello together,

i have a “good night” and “good morning” routine running in amazon alexa where in the evening it closes all my shutters, switches the lights off and reads me the weather report for the coming day. in the morning the same including the traffic report for my way to work.

now i plan to establish states of “away” “nightmode” and “holidays” where different sensors of my bosch system will be activated and alarm me if for example a window is opened. awaymode can be done by presence detection, holidaymode is no problem by a toggle as it only happens from time to time. but the nightmode i want to include in my “good night” and “good morning” routines. is there any way to tell home assistant via an alexa routine to start and end this mode everytime i say good morning or good night? or better: what is the easiest way to achive that?

Input boolean helper called ‘night mode’

Then use that as the indicator that you are in ‘night mode’ in your other relevant automations. Have goodnight turn it on and good morning turn it off. Piece of cake.

thank you for your fast reply but i have problems using input boolean. i’ve tried around the rest of the day but i do net get it to show up in the alexa app (nearly every other device has been found)

this is the code i use

    name: Nachtmodus
    initial: off
    icon: mdi:moon

and then i try to find it in alexa devices but nothing … can anyone give me a hint where the problem may be?

no one? I’m coing crazy here … please

This is from many months ago and you likely figured it out already anyhow my guess is that the boolean helper you created is not exposed by default so all you need to do is expose it from the Alexa configuration settings within HA and discover new devices in Alexa.