Trigger Not Working

i have an automation, named “ALPR Detection”, that has a automation_triggered trigger for another automation named test1. if i cause test1 to run the “ALPR Detection” automation does not run. the yaml for both are below. i’ve read the docs, etc. and this seems like it should work, but it doesn’t. any ideas what i’m doing wrong?

id: ‘1679161973275’
alias: test1
description: ‘’

  • platform: mqtt
    topic: test/events
    payload: front_gate
    value_template: ‘{{ value_json[“after”][“camera”] }}’
  • condition: and
    • condition: template
      value_template: ‘{{trigger.payload_json[’‘after’’][’‘label’’] == ‘‘car’’ }}’
    • condition: template
      value_template: ‘{{’‘gate_road’’ in trigger.payload_json[’‘before’’][’‘entered_zones’’]}}’
    • condition: template
      value_template: >-
      {{not ‘gate_house’ in
    • condition: template
      value_template: ‘{{’‘gate_house’’ in trigger.payload_json[’‘after’’][’‘entered_zones’’]}}’
      action: []
      mode: single

alias: ALPR Detection
description: “”

  • platform: event
    event_type: automation_triggered
    name: car_arrived
    entity_id: automation.test1
    condition: []
  • service: image_processing.scan
    data: {}
    entity_id: image_processing.platerecognizer_front_gate
    mode: single

So you have one automation without any actions at all, and another that just triggers on the other automations trigger.
Surely this is one automation.
Just make it one and be done with it, or if you insist on making it two parts, the second is not an automation that’s a script.
It has no reason to be an automation.

Please please post your code properly.

the point was not to show complete automations. the point was that the automations triggers were not working. the fact that the automations could be combined is irrelevant to the issue.

The Event Trigger is listening for an automation_triggered event containing an entity_id whose value is automation.test1. I can see how it can get all of that when your Test1 automation is triggered. However, the Event Trigger also requires name to contain the value car_arrived. Where can it get that particular parameter (and value) from your Test1 automation? Have you confirmed it exists in the automation_triggered event?

I suggest you try it without the name parameter.