Trigger Notification on State with Person Entity

Good Day All… I’m back cause I just can’t see to Google myself out of this one. Below is a automation to notify when someone comes home.

id: '1684501601511'
alias: Arrived Home - Anyone at Anytime
description: ''
  - platform: state
      - person.colby
      - person.brandon
    to: home
condition: []
  - service: telegram_bot.send_message
      message: >-
        {{ state_attr(trigger.entity_id,'friendly_name') }} is now {{
        trigger.to_state }}
mode: single

The message output that I am expecting is ‘Brandon is now home’, however, what I receive is shown below;

Executed: May 19, 2023 at 10:59:56 AM
  domain: telegram_bot
  service: send_message
    message: >-
      Brandon is now <state person.brandon=home; editable=True, id=brandon,
      latitude=11.1234567890, longitude=11.1234567890, gps_accuracy=35,
      source=device_tracker.vxrack, device_trackers=['device_tracker.vxrack'],
      friendly_name=Brandon @ 2023-05-19T10:59:56.350571-04:00>
  target: {}
running_script: false
limit: 10

As we can see I can get the Friendly Name out of the state attributes but trying to get the actual ‘to_state’ provides me all the detail of the entity. I’ve tried just trying to grab the state attribute to see if it would give me the value but it returns ‘None’ when I try.

Any thoughts on how I can adjust this notification such that when Brandon comes home I get the message ‘Brandon is now home’? Or Colby, since I have two person’s identified in the trigger.

Many thanks in advance.

{{ state_attr(trigger.entity_id,'friendly_name') }} is now {{
        trigger.to_state.state }}

All I can say is thank you for adding one more bit to my knowledge on coding templates. I completely overlooked adding that statement. Oof! Appreciate the response, I can’t believe I missed that.