Trigger on screne activation

So i wanted to do some advanced automation with AppDaemon,
starting with a trigger of an scene.
Couldn’t find anything in the docs about scene triggers, so i tried:

 self.listen_event(self.testScene, "scene.test")

But nothing happend.

is it possible to trigger on a scene select?

self.listen_state(self.testScene, 'scene.test')

maybe this? Since scenes have an entity ID, it makes sense they would throw STATE_CHANGED event *(which is handled by listen_state in AD) instead of a custom event. It’s possible they get triggered via SERVICE_CHANGED or SERVICE_EXECUTED events though. I don’t have any scenes, so I can only guess. They are organzed with Groups (a bundle of Entities) and Zones (a place on earth, represented as an Entity). So it makes me believe all 3 are stateful objects.

More on events:

I also don’t use scenes, so can’t help much, but I would register the callback for all events and print them out, to find out what event gets sent when a scene is activated. You could probably use logging.

Also, you can check the callback gets activated by sending the event using the HA event page.