Trigger Ring Cameras to record from an Automation

I have a Ring camera on the front of my house and am looking for a way to trigger it to record when the mailbox opens. I built a MySensors based Arduino Pro Mini door sensor which I am going to stick on the mailbox and I enabled the Ring integration but I am not seeing a direct way to trigger the camera to record. If I use the motion zones on the Ring camera I pickup tons of false alerts with people walking down the sidewalk so I figured the door sensor on the mailbox would allow me to just record when the mailbox is opened or someone walks up the driveway. Anyone else figure how to trigger the Ring to record? I see a switch which triggers the siren so I would imagine there must be someway to trigger recordings too.



I see you are trying to fix this yourself in this thread: Ring Integration-Trying to add start recording service to integration

Just leaving this her in case anyone else like me is looking. :wink: