Trigger Siri shortcut from HA

@robbiet480 has a nice rundown on how to launch Siri shortcuts that control HA functions from iOS, voice, actionable notifications and so forth here:

Those work beautifully- nice work Robbie. However, I can’t figure out how to do this in reverse and have a script in HA call a Siri shortcut that is able to do things that HA can’t (without user intervention like an actionable notification). As a simple example, the Shortcuts app is able to start specific Apple TV apps so that I can, say, turn on CNBC with my morning wakeup. Since there’s no way to use home device states in Homekit to trigger shortcuts, I can’t set up a dummy switch from HA. While a series of arrow pushes could be scripted using the Apple TV integration in HA, it’s clunky, and if I move my apps around the the ATV home screen then this breaks. From what I can tell, none of this is changing with iOS 14 and/or tvOS 14.

Has anyone found a workaround for this?

I have the same question. My use case is I want a motion sensor in HA to trigger a Siri shortcut on my wall mounted iPad to turn up the screen brightness level.

Is triggering a Siri shortcut from HA possible at all today?

Hello, i’m thinking of putting a tablet on the wall as a home assistant control center. I have an ipad that I hardly use and I would like to know how I can make the screen turn on automatically when someone approaches and also if I can use wallpanel on ios … thank you very much