Trigger sound effect?

What can I use that will work with HA to play selected sound effects upon whatever trigger I choose?

Example: haunted house where motion is detected and a scream sound effect is played. Obviously, the motion detection is easy. The parts that I don’t know how to do are:

1- play a sound effect (no idea what hardware to use for this)

2- create a delay before the action is able to be triggered again (I don’t want someone to be able to trigger it, step back, then step forward and trigger it again - that would be cheesy)

Google speaker, Alexa?
Chromecast audio?

Just make the automation single mode (default) and add a delay at the end of the automation.

I’m not completely opposed to the smart speaker route, although I’d probably need something that can output sound to a more significant speaker because I’ll need more volume than most of those can offer.

If I went that route, how would you propose configuring the sound effects that play?

In a single mode automation, does HA completely ignore additional triggers until the automation is complete? I want to make sure that additional motion doesn’t just start queuing up the automation.

Chromecast audio. I don’t think they are sold anymore but that is one option.
I believe some Alexa has 3.5 mm out you could use.
I don’t have it myself but I think some here can chime in about the MusicCast - Home Assistant (, according to the integration page it should work. And here it’s just your pockets that sets the limits on how loud it should be.


That is queued mode. Don’t use that.

I guess my question about how any smart speaker-type device would be more about where the audio is pulled from. I’d like to avoid cloud solutions to reduce any delay, and also to have complete control over where the sound was pulled from. Ideally something like a WAV file on a server somewhere, or directly on whatever device is doing the playback.

I actually have a Chromecast Audio or two lying around. You’re right, they haven’t sold those in years, sadly. Great little products with almost nothing else in the category. So annoying that they dropped it.

Ok thanks for the automation education! I’ll do single mode.

As I said before.
Musiccast can do these things (if I understand the integration correctly).
You just need a receiver.

The issue with Chromecast is that there is a delay before the file is played. I tried this with my front porch when people come to the door. I dont want people to knock or ring the doorbell due to dogs and we work from home, so i had an AI generated audio file that would play to let them know not to knock and we knew they were there… Usually, they would get to the door and knock before the file would play with the chromecast…
My setup now consists of and esp-32 with a DAC Audio Converter, a speaker and an amplifier. My new setup starts playing the instant they walk up on the porch.
DAc Converter: AITRIP 2PCS CJMCU-1334 DAC Module CJMCU-1334 UDA1334A I2S DAC Audio Stereo Decoder Module Board for Arduino 3.3V - 5V : Electronics
Amplifier: Pyle Bluetooth HiFi Mini Audio Amplifier-Class D Digital Desktop PC Stereo Amplifier Receiver(2 x 100 Watt MAX) Aluminum Diecast- Pyle PDA20BT : Musical Instruments