Trigger Specific ID for Troubleshooting

It would be great to manually trigger a specific trigger (for its ID) from the trigger’s ellipsis menu in the automation editor.

Some triggers are not easily triggered manually, and may not trigger in the real world for several days/months. Which makes troubleshooting difficult.

While that sounds useful, it is hard to devise a proper from_state and to_state or other contextual data for things like that. Each trigger has different things to think about.

I have not tried it, but isn’t that what setting a state for a certain entity from the developer tools is for?


Yeah you make some good points. This is more of a convenience request that I feel could be easily implemented.

You can already run/trigger an automation manually from the editor, which will check any conditions and run all actions (that meet the conditions).

However if your entire action section is wrapped in a “Choose” with the trigger ID condition, nothing will run.
You could do that in dev tools too, you’re right. I’m not sure how to set an attribute though, so if the trigger is off an attribute, or some other complex scenario it’s not as trivial.

The from and to state is already wrapped inside the trigger itself. So if I manually execute that trigger, the “from” state is irrelevant. The “to” state may be relevant if you have another condition checking it, but checking the same entity state that just triggered the automation is not a common case.

It’s the same procedure as setting the entity’s state value.

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The run command in the UI only checks the action section - not the conditions section.

To check conditions as well, use the service automation.trigger in Developer Tools | Services:

It does not test its triggers and by default it also bypasses any conditions, but setting the skip_conditions attribute to false will include these in a test.

To test an automation which uses trigger IDs, change the value of the trigger entity, as @Edwin_D says.

Thanks, that is helpful. Still seems like the process could be doable directly from the automation editor. Anything you can do from another page, should be possible to be implemented in the editor. Makes it more intuitive for beginners, and still quicker for the more experienced.

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