Trigger: state help

I’m using multiple conditions with Trigger: state based on sun position. But once the state triggers, I want it to stop polling for the event-- or just pull ONE trigger and stop for the day.
Is this possible? Now the trigger goes off constantly once the sun hits a certain position in the sky.

Use the rbe node. It should do what you are looking for. The other thing you can do is expose the trigger as a switch in HA and then toggle it on/off in your flow.



Thanks code-in-progress Bill,
I don’t see the “expose to home assistant” switch on my “trigger:state node”. Is this a different node red build?
Here’s mine:

If I turn off the trigger, I assume I need a daily flow which re-enables the trigger the next day? Or will it reset daily?

Can you tell me how to expose the node? That option doesn’t appear on my Hassios install.

You have to have the NodeRed integration installed in HA (