Trigger through Windows or apps events

Is there a way to trigger using events/actions that occur (or that I do) in Windows (10)?

Example scenarios:

  • Windows starts/shuts down/is locked → trigger
  • Some app is opened → trigger
  • Some URL with Chrome is opened → trigger
  • Volume is lowered/raised/changed → trigger

It’d be interesting to know if and how that’d be achievable on Linux/other OSs, if it wasn’t possibile using Windows

I suggest you explore the capabilities provided by the following and determine which of the two fulfills most of your requirements.

There are some HA agents for Windows:

  1. HA_Desktop_Companion - #272 by Hellis81
  2. HASS.Agent: Windows client to receive notifications, use commands, sensors, quick actions and more!
  3. Etc

Using that you can have info about your Windows computer in Home Assistant.

My favorite one is the automation turning my desktop lights on or off based on the camera status.

That’s wonderful, guys!
I’ll try out everithing to find what suits the best for my needs!
Thanks! :pray:t3: