Trigger update from (persistant) notification?

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I am creating a persistant notification if an update of the (now called) “Home Assistant Core” is available. I would like to add a link to trigger the update from the notification. Is that possible and if yes, how?

Another question: is it also possible to generate a notification (and trigger updates from there) if
a) the “Supervisor” can be updated and
b) (any) HassIO addons can be updated?

Final question: I am running Ubuntu 18.04 and HassIO on top of it, according to this installation instruction. Is there any possibility to trigger system updates (i.e. “sudo apt update/upgrade” and the like) from the Home Assistant web interface? Preferably also from a notification being generated once “sudo apt update” finds updates? Ideally, one would be able to at least see the list of packages to be updated and acknowledge their installation (from the frontend) before they are being installed. Finally, if all this is possible, is there a way to trigger a (host) reboot from a notification? (I know about the service hassio.host_reboot but don’t know how to call it from a notification.)

Thank you very much!

No ideas? :neutral_face: