Trigger without entity


sorry for my bad English. I am writing with Google Translate.

Unfortunately I can’t handle Node-Red. I integrated a “Lumi Switch” via Zigbee Home Automation. This switch has the Battery and Identify entities. Through HA automations I can use the trigger “remote_button_short_press” pressed. How can I achieve this via Node Red? Has anyone perhaps integrated the same switches via Node-Red? Which trigger can you use in Node-Red?



Home Assistant introduced the event entitiy in 2023.8. However, not all integrations support it yet.

You would therefore need to use the “events: all” node to respond to the event created with the button press. This requires you to know the event type, which you could find by responding to all event types and using a debug node to show them, and then spam the button. Googling suggests all ZHA events are “zha_event”, so you would therefore need to also specify some of the event data to isolate it to the button.

Googling “home assistant zha_event” should give you some examples (eg. here where they use Dev Tools to listen for the event).