Triggering automations when receiving 3rd party app notifications

Hi all,

Is it possible to have HA trigger an automation when my mobile phone receives a third party app notification?

An example of this is that I am not able to get an integration for Texecom working in my HA. So instead, is there a way that when I switch on/off my home alarm using the Texecom Connect app and the app sends me a phone notification saying “alarm armed” or “disarmed” that HA identifies that my phone has received this notification and triggers an automation to switch off all the internal lights, heating and put the outside lights on?

Another example is again I am not able to integrate my Mercedes Me app into HA. Instead, when I receive a notification from the Mercedes Me app on my phone saying that “the car doors are unlocked”, HA picks this up and triggers an Alexa TTS announcement “The car doors are unlocked”.

Apologies if this has been answered before, I’m very new to HA and have tried to look through other threads and search for this topic before posting, however everything that comes up as soon as I type “notifications” relates to the HA mobile app sending notifications only.


Do you use an Android? I use Tasker to do similar but take a look at this about Notification Sensors:

It looks like the companion app, if on Android, will give you 3rd-party notification info. I have never used the feature so others will have to confirm.

EDIT: I played with it a little bit by sending myself a text and an email. The last_notification sensor will provide info about the notification but you have to specifically enable the app sending notification or enable all. The HA app recommends NOT enabling all. From there, you will have to create an automation based on the contents received. I have no experience with that but it can be done.

I use it on an android phone processing only notifications from AutoNotification app. I found I needed to change the title(trigger) after processing because if I remember right it was triggering a 2nd time if notification was still in my tray and I restarted HA. Here’s an easy example:

- alias: WhereRU Override
    - platform: state
      entity_id: sensor.sm_s127dl_last_notification
      attribute: android.title
      id: 'arriving'
      to: 'Arriving'

    - platform: state
      entity_id: sensor.sm_s127dl_last_notification
      attribute: android.title
      id: 'leaving'
      to: 'Leaving'

    - service: python_script.set_state
        entity_id: sensor.sm_s127dl_last_notification
        android.title: 'PROCESSED'

    - service: script.whereru_{{}}

@Stephenn @cyn Many thanks to you both for your reply. I will try these out tomorrow and see what I can make of it. Will update on here how I get on.

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