Triggering Scripts with Apple Watch and NFC

My wife and I both have Apple Watches and I want a simple way to trigger scripts based on where I am in the home. A quick swipe of the watch over a spot on a wall or object, for example, would be a great way to do it. Has anyone tried something like this?

I have a very simple Docker setup on my old mac mini, so far, just using the UI to configure. Looking forward to learning more, but it will be on a curve, I am sure.

No current Apple Watch supports background NFC reading. So this doesn’t seem possible today.

OK, thank you for the reply. Perhaps I have some reading to do to understand the difference between background NFC and things like contactless payments. I imagine it is because the payment device is the one with the power source, broadcasting the signal and the watch is triggered to send back the appropriate information when in proximity. Shoot.

It’s also a very specific use case that the watch was designed to support vs. an open API/capability that general programmers can code to…Apple devices have lots of “private APIs” that no one but Apple is allowed to leverage.

You could do something similar with QR codes that you put in strategic places and then you’d scan them with your phone and/or a custom application. Here’s a discussion where someone wrote a Siri Shortcut that runs when a QR code is scanned. You could possibly code the Home Assistant iOS app via Shortcuts to do different things when a code is scanned:

You can actually run a shortcut on iPhone, just by scanning an NFC tag, but a phone is big, and the Apple Watch is on you, most of the time.

Yeah, I’m really looking for something that I can trigger from my watch or similarly not requiring pulling out my phone. Not everyone in the household is onboard with having to go an extra step to turn on a light.