Triggering the new "Assist" feature via Macrodroid

I am trying to make a simple trigger scenario that launches the Companion app on my Android phone, then opens the new Assist feature, and taps the microphone to allow me to begin speaking my commands. The preferable way to accomplish this is via Macrodroid, but am open to other solutions (preferably those that are not cloud based however)

My first though was just to do some UI interactions in the app:
{Trigger} (keypresses)

  1. Launch companion app (force new)
  2. UI Interaction: Click the top right drop down
  3. UI interaction: Click the “Assist” menu option that drops down
  4. UI interaction: Click the microphone

The problem occurs that the Assist doesnt get recognized as an element on the screen after the drop down so there is nothing for Macrodroids UI interaction to recognize as a “click” interaction.

Is there some other way for me to call the assist feature in the Companion app so I can interact with it from Macrodroid or by sending any other intent direct from the phone to open the companion app with assist voice active?

create a shortcut in the app and configure it to any lovelace dashboard. Then add ?conversation=1 to the end. so home page would be /lovelace/home?conversation=1


That gets me there, thank you very much!