Triggers list in automations

hello all, very new like 2 days new to home assistant, crossing over from appleHomkit ( after an update zero automations work so i decided to make the move to home assistant).

was looking up some videos on how to get started in creating an automation and noticed on smart Home junkie’s youtube channel he had a long list of triggers in the drop down menu when he was creating an automation. i came on to here and searched for the list and found it on here Automation Trigger - Home Assistant
But when I go to my triggers menu i dont have this extended list ( in which has exactly the triggers i am looking for).
as you can see down below this is the list i receive and it isnt as extensive as what that home assistant link is showing.

if this has been addressed before, my apologies. Very new to this and just trying to learn and get these automations back up and running.

since i am new i couldnt add the other triggers image . as of yet

Perhaps the video is out of date. As you haven’t even linked to it, I can’t tell.

Of course you may find what you want by clicking “… other triggers” or using the search where your cursor is.


ok soooo imagine starting something brand new, trying to learn it and reaching out and the response is “search where your cursor is” when you don’t know where the list of triggers are other then searching the home assistant link that gives you this list.

the “trigger type” list isnt as extensive as what he has on his list in which makes it simple for a new user to locate like myself is all.
Just new to this and trying to figure it out, this is clearly different from what I am used to using. Thank you for reply, I’ll keep searching.

Regarding the documentation for automation triggers, Smart Home Junkie added a link to their own video in June 2023.

That’s about 12 versions ago, so Home Assistant’s appearance in that video is outdated.

I don’t know why they approve adding links to an off-site video because it invariably becomes outdated … and only the video’s author has control over the video.


All of the triggers that are available can be found through the “Add trigger” menu you showed in the opening post. As the others have stated, the UI has changed since the video was created. This is a very common occurrence with Home Assistant because it is on a monthly update cycle.

Currently the triggers in the “Add trigger” menu are organized under the following folder-like hierarchy:


  • Numeric state
  • State

Time and Location:

  • Calendar
  • Sun
  • Time
  • Time Pattern
  • Zone

Other Triggers:

  • Geolocation
  • Home Assistant
  • Manual Event
  • MQTT
  • Persistent notification
  • Sentence
  • Tag
  • Template
  • Webhook

You can either navigate through the “folders” manually or use the search bar to find the trigger you are looking for.

Gotcha, thank you .

What Nick was trying to say (I think) is that you simply type in the required Trigger from the list as per your link in the first post into that search box where you had your cursor in your screenshot. It will then give you that trigger without having to go looking through the menu/lists.

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Thanks, I thought I had said that more clearly.

Hey thank you for the help. One of those things that when I finally understood it, I got what you meant.
Now to make a new post reference another , possible issue. Unless it’s suggested I post in here.

Is it possible that home assistant can only handle 1 humidity sensor and automate it ? In the video i show my setup and explain my issue .

No offence but I’m not going to watch a 5min video in portrait mode to figure out what you have an issue with…

To answer your question though, HA can handle multiple triggers and automate them from one automation or from many automations. Please just ask what you need help with.


My apologies , felt that the video helped better explain was all. I placed the question on another topic .