Trouble booting HAAS haos_generic-x86-64-7.6.img.xz

This is a clean install on an HP mini PC 300-200, with an AMD processor, 8 GB RAM and 500 GB disk.

The image is:
last_version: 2022.5.1   

I flashed it onto the 500 GB disk with Balena Etcher using the Flash from URL option.

During the boot process I get an error near the start of the boot process that says:
..failed to start hassOS data resizing... the boot process continues and the ha > prompt appears.  

I can connect to the preparing home assistant web page and the blue dot flashes but it is hung there.

From the HA cli, I type ha > supervisor logs and I get a bunch of red orange and green lines that scroll off the screen.  |more does not seem to work but the bulk of the orange messages are github messages that were blocked from execution ...blocked from execution, not enough free space (0.05 GB) left on the device

followed by ...Error on Home Assistant installation. Retry in 30 seconds.

If I go to a shell prompt and try # df -h 
It shows the root partition only has 192.6 M of which 192.6M is used and 0% is available. It looks like I need to increase the root partition but I'm not sure how.  I've been trying to google it and searched on the forum but could not find it.  I haven`t used Linux in over a decade and I'm a bit rusty.

Did I  miss a step during the installation?

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

I was able to fix my problem. It turned out to be a slightly defective hard drive. Replaced the drive, re-installed and everything is workign now.