Trouble connecting to wifi network

I have trouble connecting to the wifi network. It takes many many retries until it does connect to it. Any ide how to improve the connectivity?

I have a D1 Mini from AZDelivery

Are you having the same issue with other D1 mini’s and ESPs?

You can try a static IP address and fast connect options.

All the other D1 minis I have run WLED and I’ve never experienced any connectivity issues there.

Tried the fast_connect option, but it doesn’t improve it.

Alreaddy found that. No improvement unfortunately

Did you try assigning a static IP in your router and in the config?

maybe try adding power_save: none to your YAML?

That is the default anyway. It does connect eventually, but takes some time. Guess I will just have to live with it.

Same here. Very strange behavior with my D1 minis as well. When I adopt them they connect super fast, even after the first ota updates. But after several ota installs they take longer and longer each time. Up to 2-3 hours for a reconnect.