Trouble getting devices to install

hello my friends,
i was wondering if you could get me through a hard spot. I am new to HA and have just tried installing a couple of SoC, like esp8266/NodeMCU (espressif 12E) and the Wemos 8255/66 smaller chips. When i get to the install screen, it only give me the choice of OTA and no physical ports.
Ive JUST set the HA server up, and as I mentioned, Im brand new to this, but no the raspberry Pi. My guess? it has to do with being able to recognize usb ports on the host station. If anyone can help, i never forget favors :-}

Are you talking about ESPhome?

If so, connect your ESP board to your pi via USB then go to the ESPHome addon page and restart the addon.

The serial port should then be visible when you return to the ESPhome web page.

There is a warning about this (in pink) half way down this page:

hey tom!
thanks for getting back to me. So what you are saying ( if i understand right), is to use the USB ports on my Pi3B+? Thanks for giving me the most help anyone has offered. You are a great guy and I hope somehow you reap the good benefits for you generosity. Ive had horrible things said t me just for asking to learn. Again, Thanks.

Hi @PaulDiz,

To my knowledge, you would use the USB ports on the Pi.

Then as @tom_l mentioned restart the add-on and you should see serial port pop up under the OTA option.

Hope this helps! :grinning:

I cant understand why they wouldnt tell you that to beging with. because if thats the case, wont you need to install the usb drivers (2102 for esp8266, or otherfor like WEMOS). Ambiguous, but at least you guys knew and were able to help. I will try this and get back to you. Thanks a million! The whole reason Im trying to get this going is to invent some devices that automate alt water/reef aquariums. Theres a HUGE markup and not alot of affordable tools in this area. Im looking or individuals that would be willing to collaborate, put together a small business and share profits. eventually selling the company for a huge profit. I will remeber any assistance given along the way. Theres even a demand for the freshwater systems. Anyone willing to help?


Just stumbled across your post… don’t think you’ve visited our thread yet, have you?

Further, it’s not just that the commercial aquarium controllers are pricey, the core functionality is pretty limiting relative to what can be achieved with HA. For instance, APEX controller breakout boxes cost about 200 bucks & contain nothing but an SPI bridge. Don’t even get me started on High Availability functionality… APEX doesn’t offer it.

As a cybersecurity professional with 15+ years working for GSM network operators, I used that experience to build something a whole lot better than an APEX, Tunze, and various other aquarium controllers.

And yeah, after 2 years of research and testing with my 12 marine / reef aquariums, we’re readying an initial product for commercial launch this year, with several ‘accessories’ lined up to follow. :slight_smile: