Trouble installing ser2net or tcp_serial_redirect (pyserial) for USB to Serial with TCP on Yellow HA OS

I’m usually able to figure things out, but this one has me stuck and going in circles.

I have a Yellow now, which seemingly uses HA OS, which I am fine with (actually prefer). BUT seems like I may not be able to use something like ser2net or tcp_serial_redirect (pyserial)?

I have tried both a few times a bunch of different ways and the few times it seems to have “installed” I get ‘root’ and may break OS warnings and then can not create the service, (incorrect directory?) etc. Seems like it’s not recommended or may not even be possible with the way HAOS is setup.

I have the correct/recommended USB to serial cable as mentioned in the numerous threads/posts and gits I’ve read over the past week.

Ultimately I am trying to connect my Russound CAV6.6 serial port to the USB on my HA Yellow. But can not get the first step working in. I’ve read people have more success with ser2net over pyserial. But HA has come along way of these past few years and all the info I find could be outdated. I’ll take whatever works. Maybe it’s baked in the HAOS now (would be awesome!).

Connecting to the Russound device is only possible by TCP, you can make use of a TCP to Serial gateway such as tcp_serial_redirect

The quote above comes from here…the start of my journey: