Trouble integrating Lutron

I am new to HA and have been having trouble setting up the integration to my Lutron. It wasn’t discovered automatically so following the integration pages, but have had no luck:

Trying the lutron_caseta integration, when I press the button on the back on the connect bridge, it immediately says “Failed to Connect”.
I’ve tried the manual hub configuration but unfortunately was unable to get the script working.
Error I’m receiving:
socket.gaierror: [Errno 11001] getaddrinfo failed

I’ve mainly started from this repo and branched out:

Unfortunately it looks like the “” has been removed from the official repo, but I found someone who forked their own copy. I’m also getting errors with that.

Any help would be appreciated!

Using HA OS is on Raspberry Pi 4 (64-bit)

RadioRA 2

Thank you!