Trouble integratings a Razberry-board (HASSio and HA Supervisor is installed in a Docker container)

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I just installed a razberry-board and when I go to check hardware in HA, it shows:

My guess is that HA recognizes the board but I’m not certain. If I click on “configuration” I don’t see anything that says, Z-Wave, so I don’t think I can add a Z-wave device. (Can I?).

I have the supervisor version of HASSio / HA from here:" (I installed using the instructions here: Installing Home Assistant Supervised on Raspberry Pi OS) and it’s installed on a Docker container.

Can anyone please help me get HA to recognize it?

UPDATE: I already followed the steps to disable the internal bluetooth, is that as listed here: Is that still necessary if my HA is in a docker container?


From configurations click integrations, then the plus sign to add z-wave.

Thanks! I got it working. I’m assuming that I still have to have bluetooth disabled, is that correct?

I have no idea.