Trouble migrating from RPi4 (HAOS) to Docker

I’m trying to migrate my HAOS installation from my RPi4 to a more powerful server and wanted to containerize it. From what I have read online and seen in some YouTube videos, it seems that cloning the /config directory should be enough to transfer everything over, but I am not able to get it to work. So far I am seeing:

  • All Automations, Scenes, and Scripts are transferred successfully
  • Logs are transferred correctly
  • Missing all integrations, entities, users, and dashboards
  • Third party integrations appear to be working and some provide sensor data, but the integrations themselves are not installed

I have tried:

  • Matching HAOS version to Docker version
  • Removed all “Add-On” references from configuration.yml (Only reference was to InfluxDB)
  • Went as far as making all files and folders (except for www) read/write/exec for all (trying anything and everything here, server is not exposed yet)

I am using docker-compose and pulling the image from “” per the official instructions. My issue looks very similar to this post I found on Reddit. Additionally it seems that there is no method of restoring backups in the Docker container, only creating them, so I cannot restore my full backup from the RPi4.

Would anybody have any idea what could potentially be causing the issue, or if there are any known fixes? I was only really able to find the above Reddit post, nothing similar elsewhere (including these forums).


When you copied the config directory did it also copy the .storage directory within?

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As a matter of fact it did not! Used SCP to copy it over and lo-and-behold, everything is there! Thanks!!