Trouble pairing Linptech ES1ZB (MI) to Zigbee2MQTT

I recently bought the Linptech ES1 for Zigbee. According to what I see online, it should pair to HA via Z2M. However, that doesn’t work with me so far. This is what I do and what happens:

  • I set Z2M in pairing modus
  • I press the button on the front 5 sec.

the led turns contant blue, than a red flash and next the led starts flashing blue. So this is the pairing mode as I understand

But the sensor does not appear in my list of connected devices.

So, what can I do to connect the sensor?

Thanks for your support.

Everything up to date latest? Maybe the interview def is not in the version you are using of Z2M.

Otherwise the list here might have something for you…

The answer I always give with pairing problems : bring your device real close to the coordinator.

Thanks for your reply. But…

  • all is updated;
  • I still can pair other devices. I just wonder about this particular device

What I sent you had links to lists of what is supported and what is not and how to get new stuff supported.
New stuff is being added constantly. Also stuff there about possibly running the dev version of Z2M to get the latest quirks to support new stuff.
I guess you didn’t see any of that.

No pairing instructions on the page

So check the manual that came with it.