Trouble setting up Keymaster

I had this working on my last install (potentially before it was even called Keymaster), but I’m struggling now. I’m on Z-Wave JS - Driver Version: 10.23.2, Server Version: 1.28.0, and my lock works just fine with all the pins I set years ago on my old install.

I installed KM through HACS on the integration side, I have the helper input_boolean.allow_automation_execution set to true/on. I added the integration through the integrations screen set correctly to the only lock that appears. I have all the HACS cards already. I pasted in the Lovelace code from the generated file (I’m more than familiar with YAML). But all I get is this:

Turns out, it is working. The ten entities attached to the Keymaster integration properly show the pin codes. So the only real issue is that they aren’t populating the UI for some reason.

Also it took until now to realize why it also isn’t getting populated with names from my last install. The main reason of course being that the names are pure fluff, and are not sent to the lock. The lock does not keep track of names for pin slots. Of course.