Trouble understanding how to use GitHub

I’m new to home assistant and watching as many tutorials as possible and picking up what I can but one thing I’m struggling with is GitHub. I have searched until I can search anymore and can’t figure out the details of how it works with home assistant. The main one I’ve looked at is Apple TV and see the issues since TVOS 13 has come out but I see so many posts directing to a GitHub but what is the step to get those files to work for me.

  1. Do I need an account and put those files into it and if so how do I know what files are needed.

  2. Do I download those files and somehow get them onto my sd card in my pi?

  3. Do I create a link to whoever is hosting those files?

  4. Do I have to recreate all those files from scratch?

I’m sorry for so many questions I just can’t wrap my head around GitHub and honestly don’t want to host my files to where others have access.

I recommend that you install the Home Assistant Community Store. Or HACS for short. It allows you to install custom components, lovelace cards and other things easily. Instructions are here:

From the settings-page in HACS you can then add custom repositories. Just add:

And you should be able to install “Apple TV” from the Integrations-tab.