Trouble with 3/4-way switches (Inovelli)

I hope this is the right forum…apologies if it’s not.

I recently installed Inovelli switches and dimmers across the entire house, and I’m experiencing some odd behaviour with the 3/4 way switches, and what seems to be a race condition.

First off, some context on my setup:

  • Using HA & Z-wave (this stick)
  • Using zwavejs2mqtt
  • The lights are all LED can lights (not smart)
  • I’m very new to HA…so probability of user error is high.

Here’s the issue: there seems to be some type of race condition when turning switches on/off. I press Off on one switch, then the lights turn off, then on, then back off (all very quickly). The end result is correct (it turns off) but it shouldn’t cycle. The number of times it “cycles” is not consistent, but what is consistent is that it doesn’t work on the first press.

I’m using associations and believe I have everything grouped together correctly (unfortunately this is for a second home and I won’t be back there until next week). I get that this is a vital piece of info (I thought I took pictures of this last time I was there and can’t seem to find them).

Here is a video showing the behaviour.

Would love any suggestion/guidance. Thanks!