Trouble with ASPIRE RF9534 Dimmer Switch

I recently posted about installing a dimmer switch and realized I had no neutral wire at my junction box, so I was forced to buy a dimmer switch that didn’t require one. This was the model I purchased:

I hooked the switch up and it works beautifully from the switch, however I can’t seem to get it included in my z-wave network. There are no blinking LEDs, all solid and everything seems to be working other than I can’t seem to get it to communicate over RF.

The instructions say in this scenario to just “replace dimmer”…which I’d obviously prefer not to do since I just installed it and it’s working great otherwise.

Anybody have experience with these switches? Should I just return it for a new one, or is there anything to be done?

Hi! did you solve this? I was wondering if I buy ASPIRE eaton switches and will work with my home assistant, I dont want to make a mistake when I buy switches. Did you have experience with this brand?