Trouble with badges in Lovelace views

I’m having trouble getting badges to display in Lovelace views in 0.85.1.
I’m following what it says in the documentation here as follows:

  - title: Home
      - device_tracker.keys
      - device_tracker.my_phone

However no badges are displayed even though the entities exist.

This was working for me in a previous version, but I don’t know which one as I had stopped using badges for a while and had just decided to start using them again.

Is there something wrong with my configuration, or is this a bug?

Can’t think what’s wrong, my setup is near identical and it’s been working for at least the last 3 version (currently on 0.85.1)

I discovered what the problem was. All of my views have panel: true (so I can have a full width notification bar at the top) and badges don’t work when this is set.