Trouble with blinds connected to Tuya RF bridge

I have a Tuya RF/IR bridge (this one) and have successfully connected two blinds to it. Both the bridge and the blinds show up on the Tuya IoT portal, as separate devices. The official Tuya app shows the blinds as unsupported, with 0 entities. I’d rather use Local Tuya anyway, but can’t figure out how: the blinds have their own device IDs, but no local key. When I try to add a new device, only the RF bridge shows up. But if I try to add the RF bridge device (called Infrared RF remote control), I get the error “Connection to device succeeded but no datapoints found, please try again.” Any ideas? I’ve also tried adding using the blinds’ device ids, but the RF bridge’s IP and local key. That also fails.

(I can create scenes and use them via the official Tuya integration, but that seems less than ideal.)

I use Tuya Local and not Local Tuya, but Its worth trying all the different ‘Protocol Versions’ when adding to Tuya Local and not using auto, this often works when it fails with IP and local key (e.g. 3.1 or 3.2). Its probably similar in Local Tuya. Or even try Tuya Local.