Trouble with Home Assistant Backup Restoration


I recently attempted to restore my Home Assistant instance from a full backup onto a spare RPi in the event of a disaster. However, after selecting the latest full backup and completing the restoration process, I noticed that none of the add-ons were installed on the spare RPi.

Is this behavior expected during a full backup restoration, or should all configurations and add-ons be included? If the latter, what might be causing the add-ons not to install properly?

Yourc help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Same here!

Today I ran into IO-errors on the SSD that my Rasberry Pi uses.

I formatted the SSD and started new.
Restoring a backup (I make them every 3 days with the Google backup

The restore was a total disaster.
Among others the thing you mention.

I am not sure what to do next.
I am afraid I manually have to rebuild my complete installation.
That will take me a few weeks.

All my confidence in the backup/restore process is goneā€¦