Trouble with Master/Slave setup

Hey Everyone, I am trying to get a master/slave HA instance going with 2 raspberry pis. I wasn’t able to get the python examples that are posted around under the multiple instances instructions to work, but I found that if I start both instances, then use the Rest API to subscribe the slave to the master for event-forwarding, then the master will show component status from the slave.

Here are the issues

    1. I’m trying to use this setup for a garage door controller. While the master does show the cover component on the dashboard, it will not trigger the slave pi to open/close. If I use the same rest-api call to forward master events to the slave, it will trigger, but go into an infinite loop because they are forwarding the same event.
    1. While the state sensor works from the slave (when I move the magnet sensor apart, it forwards a state event, and when I put them together, it gives another state event), the automation rule from the master HA instance only says the state is unknown. If I look at states through the web frontend, it does show cover.garage_door as closed.

Here is the automation rule for reference:

- alias: Garage Door
    platform: state
    entity_id: cover.garage_door
 - service: notify.wb_slack
     message: ':parking: Garage Door {{ states("cover.garage_door") }}'

And the response in slack:

:parking: Garage Door unknown

the API doesn’t return any value for cover.garage_door. HOWEVER the master frontend/dev-state does show this:

cover.garage_door open friendly_name: Garage Door

Anyone have any ideas? I’m open to creative workarounds if needed, but would love if I’m just missing something.


Update: with some advice from Reddit, I switched to using MQTT Event Forwarding for the 2 instances of Home assistant. I can now control my garage door from the master instance, but my automations still cannot pick up the state of the door. It just returns ‘unknown’ even though the API and states page of Home Assistant on the master instance show ‘open’.

Does anyone know if I am missing a configuration setting somewhere?


Do you have any news?