Trouble with ZWave Network

Currently I only have the following zwave devices: nortek usb hub, and zwave motion sensor (right by hub, battery powered). Both of these devices are at the front of the house on the main level.

I have a mains powered zwave outlet I’d like to add, as well as a zwave lock (back of house, basement level). Where exactly should the zwave outlet go in comparison to front of house-main level hub and back of house-basement level lock?

Are you asking about being able to reach the Z-Wave devices and setting the location of the devices based on that? If you are then it depends on the size of your house. I believe Z-Wave has a maximum number of hops before it times out and most hardwired devices serve as a repeater, so either the outlet would go in a central location or your Z-Wave hub (or stick) would sit in a central location.

For me I am able to reach all my Z-Wave easily between first floor and basement on opposite ends of the house with my Z-Wave stick sitting literally on one end and some of the devices on the opposite end in the basement.