Troubles using HA on DietPi - Cannot connect Mysa Thermostats

I’ve just installed a fresh instance of Home Assistant through dietpi-software, and trying to connect 2x Mysa thermostats via Homekit which has been unsuccessful so far.

According to the DietPi developer “we install HA Core as python version. This version doesn’t have the Supervisor feature. Best to my knowledge it requires Network Manager , which is not used on DietPi.”.
So it looks like I’m stuck with HA Core, just FYI.

I’ve followed every guide online I could find, which all basically say you use the Mysa app to connect the thermostat to your wifi network, then it will show up in Home Assistant under ‘Integrations’ OR it will pop-up with a notification showing ‘new device available’. However for me nothing is showing up.
I cannot check the network configuration within HA, as it shows “External access disabled”.

One person notes “In HA, if Homekit did not find it already, add a Homekit controller integration” however following this guide, I seem to have the prerequisites in place for HK Integration already set in the configuration.yaml.

I am showing the following error under notifications
" Invalid config: The following integrations and platforms could not be set up:

I’m at a loss here, does anyone know what the issue may be, and how to connect the Mysa thermostat’s through HomeKit?


That means something fundamental is wrong with your installation!

What is the hardware you are using? Best option (all inclusive) is always HaOS which can run bare metal or in a VM if you want to share ressources/hardware.

If you want to try to fix your ha core install you should check the logs and what errors it prints.

Thanks indeed, it’s installed on a Raspberry Pi 4 using DietPi as the OS.
I’d prefer for it to run on this hardware to simplify my home setup, if I can get it to work.

Could you tell me how to access the logs to figure out the issue?

home-assistant.log is n the config directory.
No idea where that would be located in your dietPi installation though, but if you edited the config.yaml file, you should be able to find the directory since it’s the same one.

I’d prefer for it to run on this hardware to simplify my home setup, if I can get it to work.

The Home Assistant OS can be run on the RaspberryPi 4, it would just require you to flash a different OS … most would recommend installing it to a USB drive instead of a microSD though, but that’s just because home assistant will write an entry to the database for every time something reports its state … and that’s a lot and it can wear out SD cards.

WIth all that said, an issue with yaml is that you’re literally one space away from things not working properly at any given point in time. It might be worth it for you to try running your config through a yaml checker and/or postiing it here after confirming that you’ve removed anything that might point directly to you (if you have lat/lon to your house for example or your public IP address listed for some reason) so that we can try to help.