Troubles with Aeotec Z-Wave device setup

I’m getting started with some Z-Wave devices for the first time (I’ve usually used Wifi devices) and seem to be having some issues.
Any tips on how to overcome this?

I’ve added 4x Aeotec door sensors 7 this morning using the QR code method, some have “just worked”, half are stuck on “node info” and the others are stuck on “protocolinfo” (and keep getting re-added every minute or so).

All are being set up on the desk next to the Aeotec stick so reception shouldn’t be an issue.

Is it always this flakey :grimacing:?

My experience is, that it looks, like some devices fall in sleep even when the adding process is not finished.

While the interview is running, I keep them awake by pressing the button every second or so, just not fast enough to make it a triple click… That seems to help a lot.

Good call.
I gave that a go and it seems much easier to add new devices to the system.

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