Troubleshooting Google Assistant using nabucasa cloud

For the last few months, I’ve been having trouble with Google Assistant through nabu casa cloud. Every time I update HA, all the sync’d entities are lost in the google home app. I have to log out of nabu casa, then log back in, re-sync Google entities. Then after that it’s been working ok, ie voice control of devices via google home.

After the last update, no matter what I try, I can’t get HA entities to show up in the google home app. I’ve tried every think I can think of. I’ve tried logging out of nabu casa cloud, un-exposing entities, then re-exposing them one at a time, but to no avail.

Does anybody have any trouble shooting tips please? I’m running HA on a NUC using this install method.

I’m seeing this error in the logs, does anybody know what it means?
Appreciate any help on this - thanks