Troubleshooting light.turn_on

For the last few days I have the lights in my house turn on seemingly random.

I defined a group house in configuration.yaml with lights in the house

# Whole house
  - platform: group
    name: House
      - light.rumpus
      - light.controller_rgbw_224742 # Office
      - light.controller_rgbw_32c9c9 # P's room
      - light.wled_devkitv1 # LED controller rumpus
      - light.guest_room # Guest room
      - # Dimmer office
      - light.paula_s_room # Dimmer office
      - light.rumpus # Dimmer rumpus
      - light.shellydimmer2_f4cfa2eca4e1 # Dimmer master bedroom

Checking the logbook I see these entries against the entity (above group)


Looking at my automations light.turn_on is used in 2 automations which have nothing todo with the entity

To be sure I disabled both of those automations yet ‘’ still gets activated as you can see from the logbook.

Where is this event coming from?

On a side note is it possible to specify the default status of an entity; e.g. light=off, garage door=closed, blinds=up etc.?

Are any of those lights on the light group house that you’ve created?

Sorry not sure what you mean by that question.

What I meant is I have only 2 automations that use the light.turn_on service but the entity is not used in any automations. I also temporarily disabled those 2 automations.

However a search for showed the following but I don’t understand what this means


What I mean is light group house has ten members according to your configure in the first post.
When light_turn on happened. Was it any of THOSE

No. It appears these events are random, i.e. not doing anything and suddenly all lights go on.

Could I use the event listener in Developer tools? What would I listen for?