Troubleshooting the setup of Aeotec’s z-stick i.e. after backup

This posting refers to my experiences with the Aeotec’s Z-Stick after installing a full backup. I also had similar issues during a fresh install. The procedure may be a solution for similar issues with other sticks.

Installing the backup was easy. It did work for all parts apart from the z-wave stick, which came with a read frame on the devices page indicating configuration errors. A simple reload or reboot didn’t solve it. I had to make the system forget all information about the stick first.

First step

On the devices page delete the integration hitting the red trash in the context menu.

Second step

Plug the z-stick.

Third step

Reboot the machine. I do a hardware reboot here, as a just plugged the hardware stick. Now all old information is hopefully deleted from the machine.

Forth step

Plug in the z-stick again. To be sure I do a second hardware reboot. Now the machine finds the stick as a new device. I try to set it up the regular way.

If it hangs again, what happens maybe every second approach, start again.


Several hardware reboots, but it is still shorter than doing a fresh install or to start up the full backup restoring process again.