Troubleshooting with the real States of light using insteon hub

Hello, the most interesting thing about insteon system it’s the ability to create virtual 3way switch.

So I have a light connected to the switch A and I have a switch B connected to nothing, I set up, manually or via the app the virtual 3way so the B switch can turn on and off the A switch.



When I toggle the B switch HA only shows me: the B switch is on or off, it doesn’t show me the new state of the other sync switch.

Any idea to do this?

automation instead of synchronization? May work, but more work to do… Keep it simple!


See: Copy Switch State (3 Way Switch)

Thanks, I’ll give it a try, in other project cos this one has more than 50 switches already configured, I fix my issue making a automation for on and off States. That work.

But I’ll try it at home.