Copy Switch State (3 Way Switch)

I have been trying for a few weeks with multiple different configurations and keep coming up short on how to make this work. I believe I need to use something like a Template Switch (Copy) but wasn’t able to get that to work either. Here is what I am trying to do:

I have 2 Insteon switches in my living room that are setup as 3 way switches. Manually if I press the switch they both mirror each other physically but not via Home Assistant. In home assistant whichever one I turn off shows as off but the other on still shows as on. In Home Assistant if I turn one of the switches off, the other still shows as on in Home Assistant as well as physically on the switch itself. I did group both of those switches together so in my automations I can turn the group on or off.

Thanks for the help!

Not sure about the built in component, but my Insteon-MQTT system will correctly report the states for both switches virtually instantaneously. It takes more work to set up and configure but gives you more control as well.