Troubleshooting Z-Wave Issues

I am new to Z-Wave devices. I am running Version 0.53.1 on a Raspberry Pi 3. My Z-Wave Controller is the Aeotec Gen 5 Z-Stick.

I purchased two window/door sensors. One is made by Ecolink, one Monoprice. The Ecolink seems to be working well. After pairing, it is showing the Binary Sensor, as well as some ancillary data I haven’t figured out yet on my HA default view. I am able to right automations against it, and I have no real issues.

The Monoprice Sensor paired successfully, and is clearly being recognized by the controller. It shows up in the Z-Wave Configuration screen, but I can’t really configure anything on it. It does not show up in Home Assistant as a recognizable Entity. I can’t figure out what to do to get HA to recognize this device.

Additionally, I tried triggering both devices, about 30 seconds apart, and output the logs. I have included them here. Can someone guide me on the best ways to troubleshoot these devices? Thanks!

Did you include them both through the HA control panel, or did you push the button on the stick?

Put the stick in inclusion mode by pressing the button. Can I do that through HA?

Oh yes, there’s a control panel in the Configuration menu. If you use the button then (as it warns in the documentation) you can end up with a broken inclusion, as you’re experiencing.

Ok, so presumably I would have to exclude my devices before reincluding them through the interface. Should I exclude them through the interface, or with the button?

Use the interface, put some tape over the button to remind you to never use it again :wink:


Thanks… earlier you stated “as it warns in the documentation.” To what documentation are you referring. Perhaps my problem is that I am not seeing the same resources as everyone else.

The official documentation :wink:

Thanks, Tinkerer. I just found another thread here where you helped out someone configuring the same sensor I have, and that was helpful to me too… you’re a rockstar!