TrueNas Scale Home Assistant App not able to add Zooz ZST10 700

I’ve been trying to get this up and running for the past 4 hours.
Spent time in upgrading the firmware to the newest for the Zooz ZST10 700 to 7.18.x

TrueNAS Scale offers an app installation within the App store. Once it’s done and trying to add the Z-Wave USB stick within [Setting] → [Devices & Services] → [Devices] → [Add Device], select brand (Zooz) → |Add Z-Wave Device| → is telling me Z-Wave is not set-up then (Proceed) the set-up.

A pop-up Says Z-Wave is asking the URL* for

ws://localhost:3000, and if I click [Submit] it will say [Failed to connect]

And yes I’ve read tons of pages in the past 4 hours and still not working.

Anyone with HA app within TrueNAS Scale have experience with this!?

Thank you!

Hi @NCC418

I assume your using the TrueCharts version? If so, you’re going to get the best support directly from them. There are contact links at the bottom of every page.

I’m not using the SCALE apps but I think you may need to install the zwave-js-ui app and connect your Z Wave stick to that. (It might still be called zwave2mqtt on TrueNAS)

And in Home Assistant, use the url to the z-wave app. This page can help you figure out the url

Hi Troy,

No I wasn’t. I am now. I am trying to try it out.

Thank you so much!!!

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